Pakistan Basket 13.25” PB1028

Pakistan Basket 13.25” PB1028

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2” deep standard quality weaving

This one of a kind hand woven basket is crafted Using sustainably harvested wild reeds and date palm leaves.

The designs are based on both centuries old Pakistan and American southwest Indian designs (introduced by American missionaries) and each basket can take weeks to weave.

Minor variations and imperfections in color and material is consistent with its handmade nature.

Date leaves are collected and dried and died with natural pigments in a simple clay lined pit. The colored leaves are then wrapped in a figure 8 weave around wild river weeds.

The weaver must constantly keep in mind when to change the colors in making the different designs. Colors will soften with age or exposure to sunlight. Fairily traded.

Baskets can be set flat on a table (fruit baskets, keys, whatever), hung on a wall (a single finishing nail will hold basket up) 



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