Collection: Herbs

The burning of herbs for emotional, physical and spiritual purification is a common practice among many religious, spiritual and healing groups.  

Zanzibar carries a wide range of herbs - all organically grown on Native lands by Native Americans in the USA.  Note that some are sustainably harvested (cedar, juniper and eucalyptus).  We do not purchase nor sell wild collected herbs.  

When smudging always use safe practices.  Never leave burning herbs or resins unattended.  Feathers are flammable so please do not let them come near or in direct contact with fire or smoldering herbs or resins.  Abalone Shells are flammable (Just like you’re hair and nails) and are used to collect the ash from burning herbs or to snuff out herbs.  We do not recommend using abalone shells as a vessel for actually burning herbs or resins in direct contact.  Always use a fire safe container.  Allow plenty of ventilation when burning any herbs or resins.

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