Turkey Feathers for Smudging & Guiding Smoke

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Wild* and Domestic Turkey Feathers are used in smudging and cleansing ceremonies by many cultures.

These feathers are used to direct or guide the smoke from Burning smudges (sage, sweetgrass, lavender, etc.) over a person or object and in the direction of the prayers sent to the Creator.

Feathers hold a sacred meaning in that they are symbols to help one soar. The turkey is known as a totem to assist one in remembering to honour and remember Mother Earth, and to be in harmony with all. The turkey helps us to connect with the fullness and blessing of Life itself.

These smudging feathers measure a minimum of 8" and may vary in length to be longer than 12”.  All feathers are sourced from USA farmed free range raised turkeys, including the “wIld” feathers and are not plucked but shed naturally. 

Choose from  Natural “wild” Turkey feathers which are brown with cream or white markings or “Eagle” feathers which are dyed domestic white turkey feathers (tips are dyed black).

When smudging always use safe practices.  Never leave burning herbs or resins unattended.  Feathers are flammable so please do not let them come near or in direct contact with fire or smoldering herbs or resins.  Always use a fire safe container.  Allow plenty of ventilation when burning any herbs or resins.


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