Sisal Fashion Tote w Leather Handles

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Measuring 14-15” deep (not including handles) and approximately the same width, these master quality hand woven sisal totes are fairly traded from a women’a group in Kenya, Africa.

These incredibly sturdy bags (I know some clients who’s had similar totes for over 50 years) are woven from sisal - a sustainably harvested fiber from the leaves of an agave (Agave sisalana) plant.

 This plant belongs to the succulent cactus family it is also called a century plant and his raise in Africa for it’s fiber and Forest Park which is from it into Taylor like alcoholic beverage.

This plant belongs to the succulent (cactus) family (it is also called a century plant) and is raised in Africa for it’s fiber and for its pulp which is fermented into a tequila-like alcoholic beverage.

The fibers are removed from the fresh leaves of the plant, dyed and dried and then Hand spun into a fiber cordage and made into these bags. The fibers been called Sisal hemp. fairly traded.  

You  may not receive the exact tote shown however it will be extremely similar in color and size.  Slight variations are natural.